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An alphabetical list, most with links to external websites, covering a broad range of organisations for art, design, media and higher education.
This section is no longer being updated (as of January 2012).


AAH   Association of Art Historians

  Association of Curators of Art and Design Images

ACE   Arts Council of England

ADAM   Art, Design, Architecture Media Information Gateway

ADCFTD   Association of Degree Courses in Fashion Textile Design
                (now known as the Association of Fashion and Textile Courses (FTC) - see below)

ADEPTT   Art & Design: Empowerment of Part-Time Tutors

ADM-HEA   Art Design Media HE Academy Subject Centre

AEEN Arts Entrepreneurship Educators Network

AGCAS   Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Service

AGR   Association of Graduate Recruiters

AHDS   Arts and Humanities Data Service

AHRC   Arts & Humanities Research Council

  Association for Learning Technology

AOC   Association of Colleges

AOI   Association of Illustrators

APHE   Association for Photography in Higher Education

ARIAD   Allison Research Index for Art & Design

BecTa   British Educational Communications and Technology Agency

BERA   British Education Research Association

BFI   British Film Institute

BIDS   Bath Information and Data Services

BUBL   BUBL Information Service

BUFVC   British Universities Film and Video Council

CAA   Computer Aided Assessment

CAA   College Arts Association

CADE   Computers in Art & Design Education (link to jisc archive page)

CADISE   Consortium of Art & Design Institutions

CAI   Computer Assisted Instruction

CAL   Computer Assisted Learning

CASPAR Computer Assisted Self and Peer Assessment Ratings

C&IT   Communications and Information Technology

CBL   Computer Based Learning

CBT   Computer Based Training

CCSkills   Creative and Cultural Skills - Sector Skills Council

CDELL   Centre for Developing and Evaluating Lifelong Learning

CEBE   Centre for Education in the Built Environment

   Centre for Excellence in Media Practice

CETL   Centre for Excellence in Teaching & Learning

CHArt   Computers and the History of Art

CHEAD   Council for Higher Education in Art & Design

CHERI   Centre for Higher Education Research and Information

CHEST   Combined Higher Education Software Team

CLA   Copyright Licensing Agency

   Creative Learning in Practice Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

CLTAD   Centre for Learning & Teaching in Art and Design

COVE   Centre of Vocational Excellence

CRA   Centre for Recording Achievement

CRAC   Careers Research and Advisory Centre

CRUMB   Curatorial Resource for Upstart Media Bliss

CSU   Careers Services Unit (see HECSU)

CSUP   Committee of Scottish University Principals

DACS   Design & Artists Copyright Society

   Disability Arts Online

DEED   Design Education Association

DELNI   Department for Employment and Learning

DEMI   Design for the Environment Multimedia Implementation 
            (DEMI is a TLTP funded research project)

DENI    Department of Education for Northern Ireland

DfES   Department of Education and Skills

DMAG   The Digital Media Access Group

DHS   Design History Society

DRS   Design Research Society

EDINA   Edinburgh Data and Information Access

ELIA   European League of the Institutes of Arts

ELTHE   Evaluation of Learning Technology in Higher Education

ELWA   Education and Learning Wales

ESCALATE   Education Subject Centre Advancing Learning & Teaching in Education

ESECT   Enhancing Student Employability Coordination Team

ESRC   Economic & Social Research Council

FACE   Forum for Access and Continuing Education

   Further Education Development Agency
            (now replaced by the Learning and Skills Development  Agency - see below)

FDF   Foundation Degree Forward

FEFC   Further Education Funding Council
           (now replaced by the Learning and Skills Council- see below)

FDTL   Fund for the Development of Teaching & Learning

FTC    Association of Fashion and Textile Courses

GLAD   Group for Learning in Art & Design

GLAADH    Globasing Art, Architecture and Design History

  The Higher Education Academy

Higher Education Assistive Technology

HECSU   Higher Education Careers Service Unit

Heads of Educational Development Group

  Higher Education Digitisation Service

HEFCE   Higher Education Funding Council for England

HEFCW   Higher Education Funding Council for Wales

HEI   Higher Education Institution

HE in FE
   Higher Education in the Further Education sector

HELP CETL   Higher Education Learning Partnerships - Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

   Higher Education Policy Institute

   Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia

HERO   Higher Education and Research Opportunities in the UK

ICOGRADA   International Council of Graphic Design Associations

ILRT   Institute for Learning & Research Technology

SEA   The Inter-Society for the Electronic Art

ISSoTL International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

ISTE   International Society for Technology in Education

JANET   Joint Academic Network

JISC    Joint Information Systems Committee 

  JISC Committee for Awareness Liaison and Training

JCAS   JISC Committee for Authentication and Security

JCEI   JISC Committee for Electronic Information

JCIEL   JISC Committee for Integrated Environments

JCN   JISC Committee for Networking

JDS   JISC Distributed Image

JIDI   JISC Image Digitisation Initiative

JISC-ASSIST   JISC Activities, Services and Special Initiatives Support Team

JWCS    JANET Web Caching Service

LFHE   Leadership Foundation for Higher Education

  Lifelong Learning Network

LTDI   Learning Technology Dissemination Initiative

LSC   Learning and Skills Council

LSDA   Learning and Skills Development Agency

MAU   Monitoring and Advisory Unit

MeCCSA   Media, Communications & Cultural Studies Association

MIMAS   Manchester Information & Associated Services

MLE   Managed Learning Environment

  National Academic Advising Association   

NACHE   National Association of Ceramics in Higher Education

NAFAE   National Association for Fine Art Education

National Association for HE in the Moving Image

   National Association of Jewellery and Silversmith Design Education

NALN   National Arts Learning Network
(now incorporated into ukadia - see below)

  National Graduate Council for Entrepreneurship

NCT   National Co-ordination Team

NCWE   National Council for Work Experience

NERF   National Education Research Forum

NESLI   National Electronic Site Licence Initiative

NESTA   National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Art

NIACE   National Institute of Adult Continuing Education - England and Wales

NISS   Network Information Services and Systems

NLN   National Learning Network

NSA   National Skills Academies

NSEAD   National Society for Education in Art & Design

NTFS   National Teaching Fellowship Scheme

NWDAF   North West Disability Arts Forum

OFFA   Office for Fair Access

OLF   Open Learning Foundation

OCSLD   The Oxford Centre for Staff and Learning Development

PALATINE   Performing Arts Learning and Teaching Innovation Network

PICTIVA   Promoting the use of on-line Image Collections in Learning & Teaching in the Visual Arts

POD   Professional & Organizational Development Network in HE

QAA   Quality Assurance Agency

QCA   The Qualifications and Curriculum Authority

RAE   Research Assessment Exercise
          (superseded by REF)

   Research Excellence Framework

   Resource Discovery Network

RIBA   Royal Institute of British Architects

Research Information Network

  Radio Studies Network
SC   Subject Centre

SACWG   Student Assessment and Classification Working Group

SCET   Scottish Council for Educational Technology

SCRAN   Scottish Cultural Resources Access Network

SCRE   The Scottish Council for Research in Education

SDT   Scottish Disability Team

SEED   Scottish Executive Education Department

SSDA   Sector Skills Development Agency

SENDA   Special Educational Needs Disability Act

SEDA   Staff and Educational Development Association

SFC   Scottish Funding Council

SLA   Service Level Agreement

   Scottish Media and Communication Association

   Supporting New Academic Staff

   Society for Research into Higher Education

SWANDS   The South West Academic Network for Disability Support

TASI   Technical Advisory Service for Images (now known as JISC Digital Media)

TC   Technologies Centre (JISC)

TLRP   Teaching and Learning Research Programmes

TLTP   Teaching and Learning Technology Programme

TLTSN   Teaching and Learning Technology Support Network

TL&A   Teaching Learning & Assessment

TQEF   Teaching Quality Enhancement Fund

   Transparent Approach to Costing

TRILT   Television Radio Index for Learning & Teaching

TSL   Technology Supported Learning

UCAS   Universities and Colleges Admissions Service

UCET   Universities Council for the Education of Teachers

UCFICA   Universities Consultative Forum for International Collaborative Activity

UCoSDA   Universities and Colleges Staff Development Agency
                (replaced by HESDA in 2000) 

UCISA   Universities and Colleges Information Systems Association

  University and College Union

  University for Industry

UKADIA   United Kingdom Arts and Design Institutions Association

UKAPE   United Kingdom Association for Publishing Education

UKCGE   United Kingdom Council for Graduate Education

  UK Council for International Student Affairs

   United Kingdom Education & Research Networking Association

UKOLN   United Kingdom Office for Library and Information Networking

UKSEC    The National Network for Enterprise Educators

UMI   Use of Metropolitan Area Networks Initiative

UVAC   University Vocational Awards Council

VCAS   Video Conferencing Advisory Service

VLE   Virtual Learning Environment