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What Next? Supporting Student Progression from Further to Higher Education

Date posted: 13/07/2010

What Next? Supporting Student Progression from Further to Higher Education

Abstract: This case study describes the development of a resource for supporting student progression to Higher Education from level 3 and 4 courses at London College of Fashion.

The experience of completing the applications process is fraught with anxiety for students, considering their own strengths and abilities, selecting an appropriate course, preparing both their work and themselves for interview, the financial implications of acceptance and the need to deal with possible rejection.

For tutors supporting these students at this very sensitive time there is a need to have good, relevant and current information, advice and guidance.  Information has to be consistent and easily accessible and suitable for dissemination to a very large and very diverse student body.

This project was developed in consultation with staff and students who recognized a need for a better more user friendly way of accessing this information and building on the already existing good practice. The project was funded through a joint Creative Learning in Practice Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CLIP CETL) Fellowship between Sarah Atkinson and Vija Vilcins at The University of the Arts London.

Keywords: Progression, Peer, Tutorial, Resource, Visual, Support.

Author information: Sarah Atkinson is Director of Programmes, Foundation Art and Design, School of Media & Communication at London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London

Date: July 2010

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