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Student Competition 2011 result

Date posted: 13/05/2011

In the frame: reflections on art, design and media higher education

This year, ADM-HEA asked students to submit an image (visual / audio / film / etc) accompanied by a short statement that reflects their perceptions and experiences of higher education. We displayed 57 entries online and people were asked to vote to find the overall winner and runner up.

We are delighted to announce that the winner is Hannah Gardiner from the University of Ulster (entry A41). Well done Hannah! Hannah submitted a collage, her image and statement can be seen below. She will receive the first prize of £300 and will be invited to attend the Higher Education Academy Conference on on 5 and 6 July 2011.

Well done also to Nikki Glasgow from the University of Ulster (entry A52). Nikki is the runner up and will receive £100. He submitted a film, entitled The Duelists which can also be seen below.


ADM-HEA would like to thank all the students who took part in the competition this year; we think you will agree that the work is of a very high standard and we are very pleased that 1062 voters took part to register their preferences. Online Gallery



Hannah Gardiner

I wanted to create a piece that would not just show an aspect of what higher education means to me, but show a little piece of all my experiences of university life. By using varying media and styles I portrayed how I see my life as a student- mainly working, partying and being broke!

I had the idea of using a notice board as my own notice board in my room is my saving grace- reminding me of all the important things in my days which I tend to forget.  I wanted my piece to have quite a muddled effect on the viewer as they didn’t know where to look with so much going on. A lot of the time this is what my head is like, so really I am just fabricating all my thoughts into a piece of art.

I am pleased with the outcome and feel that all of the different images work well and achieves what I set out for it to achieve.



Nikki Glasgow

"The Duelists"
Set within the confines of a blank university room, "The Duelists" is based upon how students in Higher Education seem to have to compete for places in a degree and how this evolves into the fact that this competitiveness sometimes seems as if it turns into an all out battle for a place. lt was inspired by the works of David Zucker (The Naked Gun series and Airplane!) and also Edgar Wright (Hot Fuzz, Scott Pilgrim vs The World and Shaun of the Dead).

The two students are shown to be having a stand-off for some unknown reason, this is to show that although they use their "creativity" with the sense of firing paint at each other from "paintbrush guns", this competitiveness can be universal for a position for any course or job and so can be understood by a greater number of people.

Closeup shots of crazy eyes, twitching trigger fingers and long perspective shots where a tumbleweed made entirely of paper enter and interrupt the shot all add to the sense of anxiety and tenseness between the two duelists. Comedic value is added when closeup shots of a zipper being pulled up and an ass being scratched.

The fight, lasting only a few seconds, can be seen as spoof-like because of the way in which a "western shootout" is represented by essentially two students firing deadly paint at  each other and one even being killed by a "powered-up" paintbrush shot, killing the other student leaving the other victorious to take his place on the degree course.

Directed written and produced by Nikki Glasgow
Cinematography by Elliott McLaughin
Starring Nlkki Glasgow (Duelist 1), Elliott McLaughlin (Duelist 2) and Amy Hodgen (Tumbleweed Pusher)

Music from "The Shootist" by Bill Elm and Woddy Jackson