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Media and Communications National Subject Profile

Date posted: 27/07/2007

The Higher Education Academy (HEA) is supporting three National Subject Profiles conducted within Subject Centres. Profiles are taking place in Bioscience and Materials Education, whilst  ADM-HEA is focusing on a review of the Communications and Media Studies sector. The Subject Profile is intended to draw together information on the entry, experience and, where possible, the destination of the student body. It aims to provide a clearer understanding of a rapidly expanding subject area and offer colleagues and those outside the subject areas and higher education, an authoritative and credible source of information on the subjects.

Questionnaires and focus groups are to be established to encourage a wide range of institutions delivering media and communications subjects to contribute to shaping our understanding of content of courses and the range of pedagogies for the subjects. 

If you or your colleagues are interested in contributing to this research, either by completing a questionnaire and/or hosting a focus group, please get in touch with the project manager, Stephen Mallinder:

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