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Call for Contributions to Networks to be published in January 2011

Date posted: 22/10/2010

Most of the content of Networks magazine is contributed by people like you: those involved in higher education teaching in the art, design and media related subjects.

Have you written or would you be interested in writing a paper that would be of interest to others working in the sector? Choose a topic that relates to your own experience/research. Some very general ideas are provided below:

  • The impact of regional or national policy agendas and initiatives in art, design and media teaching and learning.
  • Institutional strategies and their impact on art, design and media teaching and learning.
  • The outcomes of pedagogic research and implications for art, design and media higher education.
  • The impact of new technological developments on art, design and media, teaching and learning.

We are interested in receiving Feature Articles (see: for details) of between 2,000-2,500 words for which a fee of £300 is payable to those accepted for publication. Project reports up to 2,000 words are also welcomed, as are 300 word evaluative reports of events. Further information on submission guidelines may be found at:

The deadline for contributions for the next issue is: Monday, 22 November, 2010