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Work-with-IT Consultation Workshops

Date posted: 03/04/2008

Work-with-IT Consultation Workshops
You are invited to participate in a major national consultation on the effect of technology on staff roles and working practices. The JISC funded Work-with-IT project is seeking input from the UK FE and HE community at a series of workshops during April and May 2008.

The overall aim of the Work-with-IT project is to gather up to date information on changing staff roles, relationships and associated skills that are evolving the impact of new technologies adopted within UK FE and HE. The focus is not on information skills or skills for harnessing technology per se, but on the impact on staff of new ways of working that arise from adopting ICT and technology supported practices. The ultimate aim of the project is to help inform future JISC work to support institutions to evolve their working practices.
Workshop Aims and Objectives

There are two aims for the workshops. Firstly, to elicit information from the community that will help address the following questions:

  1. How has the adoption of new technologies and practices brought about changes within institutional workforces, and how have these changes affected staff attitudes towards their work and also the student experience?
  2. How have staff roles, relationships and working practices adapted to accommodate these changes?
  3. What new sets of skills are required in order to work in new ways that exploit the benefits (or overcome barriers) afforded by new technology environments?

The second aim is to identify potential case studies that demonstrate how technological advances have necessitated changes to working practices, and the impact and effect those changes have on the staff, students and the institutions involved.  A series of 10 case studies, which will receive independent funding from JISC, are planned.

For more information regarding case study participation contact Diane McDonald, the Work-with-IT project manager by e-mail or telephone 0141 548 3530.
Location and timetable
The consultation workshops will take place at the following venues:
Birmingham - 24 April 2008                
Macdonald Burlington Hotel                  
Burlington Arcade                               
126 New Street                                   
B2 4JQ                                                
Tel: 0844 879 9019
Glasgow - 8 May 2008
University of Strathclyde
CAPLE, Graham Hills Building
50 George Street
G1 1RD
Each workshop will commence with an informal lunch at 12 noon followed by the workshop from 1-4pm.
Who should attend?
In order to ensure comprehensive coverage of the issue we are interested in hearing from representatives from the following groups:

  •  Institutions
  • Professional Bodies
  • UK FE and HE sector organisations
  • JISC & JISC projects
  • Interested individual practitioners

Numbers are limited to 20 places at each workshop, with places being allocated  to ensure coverage from all key groups.
How to apply
If you would like to contribute to this exercise please telephone or e-mail the Work-with-IT team to book your place and receive an information pack.
0141 548 3530
Work-with-IT Project Manager
0141 548 4175
Work-with-IT Project Officer
Further information regarding Work-with-IT can be found at:
Travel support
The project is able to reimburse standard rail travel or other appropriate means up to a limit of £50 where applicants are not able to obtain funding from their host institution or professional body.
Please note reimbursement of expenses is subject to prior approval with the Work-with-IT project manager.