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Westminster Papers in Communication and Culture

Date posted: 26/09/2007

Volume 4 Number 2 - September 2007

 You can obtain a .pdf copy of all of the material for free by following the links below.

Anthony McNicholas and Tarik Sabry

Tarik Sabry
An Interview with Professor Paddy Scannell, Oxford, July 2006

Lars Nyre
What happens when I turn on the TV set?
Wendy Davis
Television’s Liveness: A Lesson from the 1920s
Shekhar Parajulee and Martin Chautari
Seven Decades of Radio Listening in Nepal
Colin Sparks
Extending and Refining the Propaganda Model
Robert W. Vaagan
Open Access scientific, electronic publishing and Bakhtinian dialogism
Book Reviews

Suzanne Franks
New News out of Africa: Uncovering Africa’s Renaissance