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"The Traveling Companion"

Date posted: 14/09/2007

"The Traveling Companion" is a 2 x DVD set with supporting website, available for staff teaching TV, film and video production.
Based on a Hans Christian Andersen story, "The Travelling Companion" is about a peasant called John who travels to see the world after the death of his father. He is helped along the way by a mysterious traveller who has pledged to keep John safe from the evils of the land. These come in the form of deadly creatures in the Black Forest, poisonous vegetation, and an evil magician who lurks inside his mountain lair. The magician has cast a spell over a beautiful princess who lures men to their doom. Before too long, John is ensnared in the curse and the mysterious traveller must intervene before it is too late.
The resource is funded by HEFCE as part of a National Teaching Fellowship. The film was realised by staff, students and graduates of the Media School, Bournemouth University. The DVD set includes the film, and uncut rushes from four scenes to practice editing and compositing. The website is hosted by the Centre for Excellence in Media Practice and contains supporting documents, interviews and commentaries to aid the teaching, learning and understanding of issues relating to digital film production.
If interested, please visit the website at to find out how to get a free copy.
If you have any queries, please email Andrew Ireland at

This is also available for review on the ADM-HEA website items currently available for review