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Technology Change for Inclusion

Date posted: 03/06/2009

In the 21st Century technology must be used to facilitate all staff and students in achieving the most effective possible service provision.  Often the pockets of good practice in the inclusive use of technology to be found in institutions do not join together to create fully inclusive teaching across a whole department, school, faculty or institution. Nor do they effect change at a higher level, influencing policy and strategy to better facilitate replication of this good practice more widely by way of an improved inclusion ethos, because inclusion is associated with a particular group of people (disabled learners) and particular group of staff (Disability Officers or Learning Support). Treating ‘disability’ or ‘widening participation’ in isolation will never achieve a holistic cultural approach to inclusive service provision.

The main reason for this failure is the lack of an obvious role focus for leading and driving the necessary changes. Where a Senior Manager has driven this agenda with strong commitment and leadership, whole institutional change has been shown to be achievable.

The aim of the Technology Change for Inclusion (TCI) work by the JISC TechDis service has been to identify, through discussion with a range of higher education institutions and FE institutions delivering HE, some common senior management led strategy and policy actions that will help join up pockets of good practice and create a more inclusive use of technology across the institution. This paper describes 12 steps that senior managers can take to lead and embed inclusive practice with technology as a whole institution culture.

There are four versions of the report available: a Senior Manager Briefing version in both PDF and Microsoft® Word formats, a full research paper version oriented to HE institutions and a modified version of the full research paper oriented to FE institutions that deliver HE.

The Briefing, along with the full research paper, can be found at