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SEDA Special Offer Pack: Student Induction and Support

Date posted: 14/04/2011

Student Induction and Support has never been more important in Higher Education. This Special Offer Pack comprises four contemporary publications by SEDA on the topics of student transition, student engagement, student peer learning and the experience of Chinese students in UK Higher Education. Together they provide valuable insights into the practices that have been found to be effective in supporting student learning and persistence in Higher Education. The examples are taken from a variety of UK institutional contexts and present to the reader a range of evaluated practice and policy approaches. As with all SEDA publications, they will guide both educational developers and colleagues working with students in their work of improving our students’ experience of Higher Education.

This Special Offer Pack includes one copy each of:
SEDA Paper 121 -  Student Transition: Practices and Polices to Promote Retention
SEDA Special 26 – Students Supporting Students
SEDA Special 23 – Enhancing the Experience of Chinese Students in UK Higher Education – Lessons from a Collaborative Project
SEDA Special 22 – Aspects of Student Engagement
This Special Offer Pack costs £40 (including postage).
For further details please refer to the website: