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Review of the LTSN Generic Centre Guides and Briefings on Assessment

Date posted: 18/12/2009

The Higher Education Academy Assessment team is reviewing the LTSN Generic Centre Guides and Briefings on Assessment with the possibility of revision and updating.

1. Which of them you continue to find useful?
2. Which need revision and in what way?
3. Which ones, if any, you think are now out-of-date?
4. Where are there gaps which we might fill?

If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact Steve Outram at The Higher Education Academy: Steve.Outram@HEACADEMY.AC.UK

Links to the series can be found below

Series 1 - Assessment: A Guide for Senior Managers
Author: Mantze York

Series 2 - Assessment: A Guide for Heads of Department
Authors: Alistair Mutch and George Brown

Series 3 - Assessment: A Guide for Lecturers
Author: George Brown

Series 4 - Assessment: A Guide for Students
Author: Phil Race

Series 5 - Assessment: A Briefing on Key Skills in Higher Education
Author: Roger Murphy

Series 6 - Assessment: A Briefing on Assessment of Portfolios
Author: David Baume

Series 7 - Assessment: A Briefing on Key Concepts
Author: Peter Knight

Series 8 - Assessment: A Briefing on Assessing Disabled Students
Authors: Dave MCarthy and Alan Hurst

Series 9 - Assessment: A Briefing on Self, Peer and Group Assessment
Author: Phil Race

Series 10 - Assessment: A Briefing on Plagiarism
Authors: Lorraine Stefani and Jude Carroll

Series 11 - Assessment: A Briefing on Work-based Learning
Author: David Gray

Series 12 - Assessment: A Briefing on Assessment of Large Groups
Author: Chris Rust

Series 13 - Assessment: A Briefing on Problem-based Learning
Authors: Ranald Macdonald and Maggi Savin-Baden

Series 14 - Assessment: Computer-assisted Assessment (CAA)
Authors: Joanna Bull and Myles Danson