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Research and evidence base for student engagement

Date posted: 10/12/2010

The Higher Education Academy has recently published research on student engagement by Paul Trowler and Vicki Trowler. This research describes, analyses and condenses the international literature around student engagement. It provides information about a range of issues including: differing conceptions of engagement, the benefits of engagement, the range of possible motivations for attempting to improve engagement, and practical ways of making those improvements.
There are four documents being published:

  • An evidence summary, which distils the key statements that can be made about student engagement based on the available evidence. The document includes references to the relevant literature.
  •  A literature review, which describes and maps the international literature.
  •  A Framework for Action, providing a briefing for institutional decision-makers regarding the complexities, benefits and practicalities of improving student engagement.
  •  A set of case studies, describing UK-based engagement initiatives in action.

The documents can be accessed here: