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Recognising Personal and Social Education achievement in HE Admissions

Date posted: 28/07/2009

Following national piloting and Aimhigher work ( ) undertaken through HEFCE, the ASDAN Certificate of Personal Effectiveness (CoPE) qualification - which recognises personal and social development of learners - has been established in the National Qualifications Framework to support the HE entry and admissions process.

Information on CoPE ( ) has been sent out recently by UCAS to all HEI Senior Admissions Officers.  The CoPE qualification at level 3 achievement has been ascribed 70 UCAS points (10 points more, for example, than an ‘A’ grade achievement of General Studies at AS level).  All three levels of the CoPE qualification have been signposted in QCA Guidance as an effective vehicle for recording, tracking and developing personal, learning and thinking skills (PLTS) for all lines of Diploma learning.

The CoPE qualification is used, equally, on the academic route alonside GCSEs and is signposted as a means of accrediting preparation for HE activity in the Higher Education Progression Framework. The UCAS ‘How To Apply’ Guidance to Applicants, under the heading Your Personal Statement suggests inclusion of: “Details of any accreditation achieved for activities in preparation for higher education for example through the ASDAN Aimhigher Certificate of Personal Effectiveness (CoPE Qualification)”.