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Online Education and Training

Date posted: 16/02/2009

Course update from the Graduate Diploma in Professional Studies, Institute of Education, University of London: a 30 credit H level module within the above programme. A short course in understanding, designing and delivering e-learning.

Fully e-learning over 10 weeks from March 9 to May 22 2009. 

It will enable you to conduct and appraise virtual course delivery, including blended learning. On successful completion, you will be familiar with the strengths and limitations of content delivery, collaboration, and assessment online, and have a critical appreciation of the growing availability of Web2 applications including social networks such as blogs, podcasts, wikis, or SecondLife, and their  relevance to educlational policy and practice. 
The course is designed for educators or recent graduates who wish to be extend their professional skills in using and evaluating aspects of e-learning. It will provide not only the knowledge and skills to support career development, but also the vital experience of being an e-learner.
Enquiries to: Anita Pincas, Senior Lecturer, Institute of Education