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Innovations in Education and Teaching International Journal

Date posted: 20/05/2011

Innovations in Education and Teaching International:  Volume 48 Issue 2  is now available online at informaworld.

This new issue contains the following articles:
Author: Gina Wisker

The potential of research-based learning for the creation of truly inclusive academic communities of practice, Pages 115 - 125
Authors: Pete Smith; Chris Rust

Curricula as spaces of interruption?, Pages 127 - 136
Author: Maggi Savin-Baden

Students’ experiences and engagement with SMS for learning in Higher Education, Pages 137 - 147
Author: Paul Brett

Web 2.0 in education: a study of the explorative use of blogs with a postgraduate class, Pages 149 - 158
Author: Daniel Churchill

Design-based research: designing a multimedia environment to support language learning, Pages 159 - 169
Author: Hsiu-Ting Hung

Doing business with China: curriculum internationalisation through an infusion method, Pages 171 - 181
Authors: Byoungho Jin; Jane Swinney; Huantian Cao; Glenn Muske; Jinhee Nam; Ji Hye Kang

Fostering reflective learning in Confucian Heritage Culture environments, Pages 183 - 193
Authors: Glauco De Vita; Mohan J. Bernard

Supporting the thesis writing process of international research students through an ongoing writing group, Pages 195 - 205
Authors: Linda Y. Li; Joelle Vandermensbrugghe

The effect of peer tutoring on academic achievement during practical assessments in applied sports science students, Pages 207 - 211
Author: P. Comfort

Service users and carers: preparing to be involved in work-based practice assessment, Pages 213 - 222
Authors: Christine Dearnley; Ceridwen Coulby; Christine Rhodes; Jill Taylor; Catherine Coates

Book review
Preparing graduates for the professions using scenario-based learning, Pages 223 - 224
Author: Trudie Roberts