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Market Assurance in New Course Development (NCD)

Date posted: 26/04/2010

Leadership, Governance and Management Fund Project

Request for academics involved in course development to complete the baseline survey which can be accessed via the interim project webpage.

The project will develop, evaluate and disseminate methods and techniques for the effective market assurance of new programmes.

The purpose of the project is to support:

  • More efficacious course development and, therefore, reduced incidences of failure by HEIs to recruit viable cohorts of students
  • Improved financial sustainability in the sector due to a greater proportion of new courses achieving strong and sustained market appeal
  • A more collaborative approach between academics and other professionals (e.g. marketing, quality, HR) to new course development
  • Initiating networks of HE staff with common interests in course development

The outputs will be applicable to deans, subject leaders, academic course developers, and marketing, finance, quality and planning departments.

They are keen to engage a range of higher education staff including those working in marketing, quality, planning and academic management including deans, heads of school or subjects and programme leaders/developers. The Knowledge Partnership want to trace as many “first into the market” programmes over the past 20 years to discover what inspired them.

The project is led by the University for the Creative Arts with partners representing different parts of the sector. There will be opportunities for up to nine HEIs to apply to join the project as associate partners.

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