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A Manifesto for Media Education

Date posted: 26/01/2011

Pete Fraser and Jon Wardle at The Centre for Excellence in Media Practice (CEMP) would like to draw your attention to a project they are co-ordinating entitled 'A Manifesto for Media Education'.

The manifesto project is an attempt to develop a shared understanding, some shared reasons, for media education. They hope that by the end of the project (which will start life as a website and then result in a book) they will have a better, more sustaining understanding of media education.

To kick-start the manifesto they asked a few media educators to provide them with their view on the purpose of media education (media studies/practice/production and media literacy). On the website you will find contributions from: Professor Henry Jenkins, Professor Natalie Fenton, Professor David Gauntlett, Professor David Buckingham, Cary Bazalgette, Nik Powell, Dr Julian McDougall, Professor David Hesmondhalgh, VĂ­tor Reia-Baptista and Dr Nick Potamitis. This initial set of contributions is only a starting point and is not supposed to represent the breadth and depth of the subject.

They hope you will visit the website, read the initial contributions, comment on those contributions and then write your own more lengthy rationale.

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