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Journal of Writing in Creative Practice

Date posted: 11/12/2007


The UK Government's Coldstream Reports of the early sixties required all undergraduate degree programmes to include writing within their curriculum. However, despite the fierce controversy this caused, the lack of a widespread discussion or concerted response has meant that the policy has remained under-theorized for many decades. In 2002, funded by HEFCE, the Writing-PAD network was established to promote better awareness of the importance of writing within creative practice.

This initiative was led by Goldsmiths, University of London, in collaboration with the Royal College of Art and Central St. Martins, UoAL. This network has since expanded to include over 40 universities in the UK and beyond.


Writing-PAD is now launching a new Journal of Writing in Creative Practice (Intellect Books). They hope this will encourage the Writing-PAD network to expand its membership beyond immediate academic issues. It (aims) seeks/aspires to offer a new space in which received models of writing in creative practice can be explored, refined and/or surpassed. By focusing on the possible purposes of writing, rather than accepting received models of writing in creative practice they invite a rich variety of aims (and) approaches and styles. Ultimately, they are interested in all writing that functions 'as', or that operates 'for', or 'in' practice, whether this practice is art, craft, design, or performance.


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Whether you are a lone practitioner, a theorist, or a conference organizer wishing to guest-edit a special edition you are invited to 'make them an offer'.

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