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Intellectual Property Rights for Educational Environments course

Date posted: 20/07/2011

openSpace at University College Falmouth offer a free online Intellectual Property Rights course, IPR4EE, aimed at anyone who produces learning and teaching materials for students.  
IPR4EE is an Open Educational Resources (OER) project funded by HEFCE and supported by JISC and the Higher Education Academy. It seeks to raise awareness of intellectual property rights for higher educational lecturers and staff developing online and/or openly available learning resources.
IPR4EE features a wide variety of learning materials that are all freely available under Creative Commons licenses such as videos, case studies and scenarios as well as legal guidance and a link to a discussion forum where users can post questions and share knowledge and experiences of IP issues . IPR4EE is structured as a course, but may be embedded as separate units or activities within existing professional development provision.
Open education resources are generating global interest as universities see the benefits of demonstrating their excellence through freely providing sample course materials online.  For lecturers and other staff who create learning materials for an online and global audience, knowledge of Intellectual Property (IP) issues is critical.  This includes an understanding of Creative Commons licensing, licensing that enables the free use and re-use of learning materials – and ensures the originator is duly credited.  This knowledge is crucial to avoiding the legal pitfalls when creating, delivering or sharing learning resources on-campus, via password-protected platforms like The Learning Space or more freely through online platforms.
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