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Changes to the Academic Infrastructure: report from QAA

Date posted: 29/07/2011

The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) published its report in June 2011 on a consultation held earlier this year.

"The Academic Infrastructure is a series of guidance documents (points of reference) published by QAA. It is used by institutions to ensure that their courses meet national expectations for academic standards, and that students have access to a suitable environment for learning (academic quality)....

Given the rapidly changing higher education landscape, QAA has evaluated the Academic Infrastructure to establish whether it is still fit for purpose. The findings of the evaluation suggested that it would benefit from being restructured, but without compromising its core purpose. In its revised form, as a new UK Quality Code for Higher Education, it will be better tailored to meet present and future challenges. This document sets out the format of the new UK Quality Code for Higher Education (2011)."

"This final report analyses the responses to the consultation and draws conclusions about the future development of the Academic Infrastructure. It sets out in detail how QAA will undertake a programme of work to implement the changes, based on the responses to the consultation. This involves restructuring the Academic Infrastructure as the new UK Quality Code for Higher Education (2011).

The report explains why certain decisions have been taken, giving evidence from the responses received. It includes an outline format for the Quality Code (Appendix 1), a migration matrix showing how existing information will be incorporated into the Quality Code (Appendix 2) and a protocol for how the detail will be developed, revised and maintained in the future (Appendix 3)."

To read the full report: