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Theory in Learning Technology

Date posted: 11/11/2010

Call for papers for a Special Issue of Research in Learning Technology, the Journal of the Association for Learning Technology (Volume 19, Number 3).



Abstracts can be submitted to either of the guest editors for informal feedback until 1 December 2010.

Papers should be submitted before 31 January 2011

This call for papers on theoretical approaches in digitally-mediated environments aims to investigate and develop the conceptualisation of theory in the field of learning technology. Theory can be contrasted with practice and is often associated with the particular forms of research given value by higher education institutions. Technology is constantly changing and yet theory aims to stabilise and order change so that a degree of permanence is introduced into this sea of change.

In this special issue, they wish to attract papers which consider theory from a wide range of perspectives including the relationship of theory with practice, with empirical research, and with both traditional forms of scholarship and newer claims for digital scholarship. Questions for consideration include the following: How can practice inform theory? How can theory help to design, choose and use technology appropriately? How does empirical research inform theory? What is the role of theory in the development of empirical research? How is technology changing our relationship to knowledge? They are also interested in receiving papers that consider the ways in which changes in technology can drive an atheoretical chase for the novel and the new.

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