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Are you involved in academic development?

Date posted: 11/11/2010

With the support of a SEDA Small Grant, David Baume is preparing a SEDA Special for those in their first few years in academic development.

If you are in your first few years in academic development, he would be very grateful if you could take a few minutes to answer these questions. (If you participate, he will give you a credit in the SEDA Special, unless you ask him not to.)

1            What particular kinds of things have you done, and do you do now, as an academic developer?

2            What additional particular things do you anticipate doing as an academic developer in the next year or two?

3            What particular kinds of information, advice, guidance etc. would have helped you / would help you most in your past, current and future work as an academic developer?         

Please contact David if you have any questions about this or email him with your responses.
David Baume PhD FSEDA FHEA