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Student Lifewide Development Symposium

Date posted: 07/01/2011
Lakeside Conference Centre, Aston University, Birmingham

Tuesday 1 March 2011

Call for proposals for workshops and 'show and tell' contributions

Deadline: 1 February 2011

The symposium, organised by Surrey Centre for Excellence in Professional Training and Education (SSCEPTrE) and Centre for Recording Achievement (CRA), focuses on the role of PDP, portfolios, facilitation techniques, technology and personal development recognition schemes,  in encouraging and enabling holistic student development through their lifewide experiences.

Students develop their capability for living, their resilience for surviving and the resourcefulness that enables them to prosper in the real world through their whole life experience – not just formal education. This conference will explore further the UK higher education phenomenon that views students’ engagement with their life experiences, as the fundamental resource for personal and professional development.

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