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Share Project Day Surveys

Date posted: 02/09/2010

The Share Project partners are launching a new phase of the Share Project, where they are asking academics to keep an anonymous diary of their day on the 15th of every month for one year, starting 15 September 2010.

Known as the Share Project Day Surveys, the aim of these diaries is to learn more about the lives, beliefs, conditions of work, important issues and habits of 'the everyday academic'.

The 15th was chosen as the diary date as one Saturday, in January 2011, and one Sunday, in May 2011, will fall within the survey period, thereby reflecting that academic life does not confine itself to the 'standard working week'.

They are researching how academics represent, share and change their practices. With the Day Surveys, they aim to collect material on the everyday lives and normal routines of academics and in particular what is significant to them - not what someone else thinks should be significant. They would like as many colleagues as possible, from whatever subject area, to tell us what they really do. Thinking, planning, preparation, lecturing, assessment, supervision, project-work, marking, examination. Anything that they do on that day - anything they care about on that day - is important and interesting to them.

Summary newsletters, outlining what is on academics' minds, will be sent to participants throughout the year, with findings published as they emerge.

Further information on the Day Surveys, including anonymity and privacy, is available at:

Further information on the Share Project is available at:

The Share Project is led by Sally Fincher from the University of Kent.
Project partner: Janet Finlay from Leeds Metropolitan University.
Consultants: Isobel Falconer, Glasgow Caledonian University; Helen Sharp, Open University & Josh Tenenberg, University of Washington, Tacoma.