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Rethinking Final Year Projects and Dissertations: Creative Honours and Capstone Projects

Date posted: 25/03/2011

As part of a National Teaching Fellowship Project the University of Gloucestershire, UK, is collecting interesting examples of how universities in the UK and internationally are designing and assessing creative honours and capstone projects which help undergraduate students prepare for an uncertain world. 

In the UK their focus is on creative projects at honours level which may be an alternative or additional to the traditional honours dissertation (typically a 8-10,000 word thesis); in many other countries our interest is in creative final year and capstone projects which include a significant element of research or inquiry. 

They are particularly interested in innovative ways of:
a)    engaging students in research, inquiry and consultancy, including projects which are employment and community based;
b)    assessing the projects and ensuring consistency of standards; and 
c)    disseminating the findings, including through exhibitions, undergraduate research conferences and other forms of public engagement.

Creative projects in any discipline are of interest.  They will be displayed on the project web site. For more information: