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questionnaire on new digital imaging technologies and artistic practice

The Arts and Humanities Data Service (Visual Arts) is running a one-year research project funded by AHRC, which aims to map advanced digital imaging technologies to the needs of practitioners in the visual arts. The project is called The Hunt for Submarines in Classical Art.

You can have your say about visual arts needs by going to

It has been apparent for some time that certain forms of art and craft practice rely heavily upon digital imaging technologies, and that using these technologies can be stimulating and productive. However, for many practitioners, it is very difficult to find out about the latest technologies, and how to secure access to them. Equally, scientists may well develop technologies which could benefit creative practice, but be completely unaware of how practitioners could exploit them. The project aims to bridge this gap by producing a report and a database which will make a series of connections between these two spheres.

If you are a practising artist, AHDS would like to hear from you, whether or not you use digital imaging technologies in your practice, and whether or not you think it might help you in your practice in the future -- it will be just as important for AHDS to know that there are no visual arts needs as it will be to know that there are many.

All the data received will be anonymous, although you can send your name and e-mail address so that AHDS can send you news of the project's findings, or let you know if AHDS come across any technologies which they think might help you. AHDS will not use the
addresses gathered for any other purpose, although comments submitted may be used in the report and other material.

For more information about the project as a whole, please go to: