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Pluralist practices: archaeology is nothing, archaeology is everything

Date posted: 01/10/2010

TAG2010: 32nd annual meeting of the Theoretical Archaeology Group
17-19 December 2010

The organisers of this session at TAG2010 are seeking contributions.

Deadline for contributions: 7 October 2010

The session abstract is as follows:

"This session will explore the ways in which we approach our research.

Essentially, we want to tackle the question: who are you?

From a pluralist position one may argue that as a profession we become 'archaeologists' in a variety of ways. Do you call yourself an archaeologist first, or as in my case do you answer with a series of others labels/words? For example, are you a theorist first and foremost? Or an artist? Or are you fundamentally a writer or a philosopher? Does it matter to you how other people see your work?, or is it more to do with individual identity within a larger body of thought? How do you do your research? And how does it become archaeological? And how might your research create new concepts within archaeology? What would you like to leave behind? How would you like to be remembered?

It is to these types of questions that we would like to turn to in our session. It is an opportunity to look towards ourselves in more detail, rather than to the analogies that we use. We want to open up discussion that will perhaps question our own positions within a specific school of thought - a position which follows in Chris Tilley's footsteps to some extent, in which he argues that as archaeologists, we arise in what is essentially an 'undisciplined world'."

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