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International Perspectives in Art & Design Conference

Date posted: 01/07/2011

Translating Cultures: Internationalisation, Employability and Pedagogy
Leeds College of Art
17 - 18 November 2011

Call for papers, deadline: 31 August 2011

This conference will aim to create a ‘hub’ for practitioners, teachers and students who are interested in responding to contemporary issues in art and design and exchanging their perspectives in visual, verbal or written form.

The conference will examine the central issue of cultural exchange asking if is it possible to work, practice and teach effectively across cultures.  What are the barriers to cultural exchange and how can we overcome them? The enquiry will be structured around three main ‘themes’ which are derived from terms that continually reoccur in contemporary discourses linking global communities, the ‘creative industries’ and higher education. Participants and delegates will be invited to explore the meanings and implications of Internationalisation, Employability and Pedagogy for global art and design thinking and practice.

International Perspectives in Art & Design -Internationalisation
Case studies detailing international interventions and collaborations in art and design are welcome or, alternatively, contributions may critique or champion notions of internationalisation and may be linked to the following questions...What does it mean to be ‘internationalised’? Do art, design and media education and practices offer a means by which barriers to global communication can be transcended? In spite of the rhetoric, are we creating more fragmented, localised creative communities?  What are the tensions between ‘slow’ culture and globalisation? What are the ethical issues connected with internationalisation? How can we sustain our internationalisation strategies?

International Perspectives in Art & Design -Employability
The employability strand of the conference will look to examine perspectives on the contemporary challenge of working with uncertainty in a global context.   Contributions may be linked to (but should not be limited to) the following: How can an international community of art, design and media practitioners deal with and revision an uncertain future? How do artists and designers in different cultures harness unpredictability and chance? What have ‘creative industries’ got to offer resource-based, skills-based or knowledge-based economies?

International Perspectives in Art & Design -Pedagogy
It is unusual to find a forum where subject specialists who are working at different levels in the education system can meet to discuss and share good practice. The pedagogy strand of the conference aims to bring teachers of art, design and media together to share good practice and to examine the role of the visual in translating and transcending cultural difference. Central to this is the notion that visual literacy can be taught and that it can operate across cultures. Papers that endorse or critique this view are invited as are studies from lecturers and teachers teaching visual languages and associated skills at all levels. Contributions that look at projects and practices are welcome.

Academics and professionals working with, in or with a connection to, the ‘creative industries’ are invited to send proposals for presentations lasting between 1 5-20 minutes. In addition to traditional ‘academic’ papers, participants may also consider methods such as performance or video.

Please send an abstract of no more than 300 words outlining the content of your presentation to the deadline for proposals is 4pm, 31 August 2011.

It is anticipated that feedback will be given by late-September.

Travel bursaries to cover the cost of attendance may be available for international contributors - please indicate if you are interested in applying for a bursary.

It is anticipated that, following the conference, a volume of selected papers will be published in an LCA publication.