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"Challenging the Curriculum": CLTAD's 5th International Conference. Call for papers

Date posted: 14/08/2009

Announcing the cltad 5th international conference:Challenging the curriculum: exploring the discipline boundaries in art, design and media
12 & 13 April 2010, Novatel, Tiergarten, Berlin.
“Creativity is possible in all areas of human activity, including the arts, sciences, at work, at play and in all other areas of daily life.  All people have creative abilities and we all have them differently. When individuals find their creative strengths, it can have an enormous impact on self-esteem and on overall achievement.”
-          Robinson, K. et al (1999) All our futures: Creativity, Culture and Education, Report to the National Advisory Committee on Creative and Cultural Education
 The 2010 cltad international conference will focus on curriculum design in art and design Higher Education meeting the challenges of changing times and demands. As old discipline structures are eroded, new liaisons are emerging. On one hand, art and design reach out and connect with other disciplines, influencing all aspects of society and how we live.  On the other hand, creativity, which we have perhaps regarded as the prerogative of art and design, is increasingly being recognised as significant and central in every discipline. Building on the 2008 conference the organisers want to explore where boundaries to disciplinary uniqueness are becoming blurred and where collaborations between the disciplines are being built, sometimes by intent and occasionally by chance.
They are interested in contributions:

  • that challenge the concept of discipline
  • those that reinforce or extend existing notions of discipline
  • from interdisciplinary courses
  • from multidisciplinary courses
  • from student–led programmes
  • from joint programmes of study
  • that enable students to have skills in multiple competences
  • from single curriculum programmes
  • from new courses with an industrial focus
  • evaluating the impact of widening participation on curriculum
  • evaluating the impact of interdisciplinarity on assessment



Research papers: (45 minutes, including 15 mins discussion)

These papers should adopt accepted research principles, using recognised methodologies within an evaluative context. The application of existing research outcomes to new scenarios is perfectly acceptable as long as they   demonstrate an awareness of the relevant research literature and have an evaluation of the impact of the research or any developmental change. Descriptive or explanatory accounts of curriculum design etc are insufficient in this context to count as research.  (Full paper length 5000 words)
Conceptual papers: (30 minutes, including 30 mins discussion)

These will be more polemical with a focus on challenging accepted orthodoxies within the disciplines through various forms of analysis and interpretation. Contextualisation through reference to current debates in learning and teaching will be expected. (Full paper length 3000 words)
Work in progress/Showcases (45 minutes)

These sessions allow colleagues, to discuss their existing or emerging projects, where they have developed effective practices, with a ‘work in progress’ or showcase session, to share and receive constructive criticsm and support from the conference.


Colleagues wishing to present at this conference should submit either an abstract of no more than 500 words or a full paper. Full paper submissions will be double-blind refereed prior to the conference, for international standard recognition. All submissions should address one or more of the discipline areas. They should be written in English, and structured with the following sections: title, author(s), institution(s), discipline(s), objectives, and, where appropriate, research methods, results, and conclusions.
(Please note that when published the proceedings of the conference will include refereed research, conceptual papers and symposia. Work in progress/showcases will only be published on cd).

Schedule and deadlines

Online submission will open on:
7 September 2009

Final abstract deadline:
7 December 2009

Notification of acceptance:
18 January 2010


Felix Lam, cltad, 2-6 Catton Street, London WC1R 4AA
tel: +44 (0)207 514 8162
fax: + 44 (0)207 514 6994
email: or
Keynote speakers, programme, costs and details regarding accommodation etc will be posted in due course on the website