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An examination of art and design student formative assessment and feedback

Date posted: 11/10/2010

An Examination of art and design student formative assessment and feedback - its relationship to learning outcomes and learning experiences.

Dr. Bernadette Blair, Director of Academic Development  & Reader in Studio-based Learning & Teaching at Kingston University is currently carrying out a small scale project with some funding from the ADM-HEA. 

She would be really grateful if you could take a few minutes to fill in the questionnaire on the link below.  Dr Blair wants to explore what the practice is across the sector and share peoples' views. If anyone would like to discuss this further please contact her at: Everything will remain confidential and institutions will only be named as examples of share good practice if agreed with the interviewee.

This project explores student assessment in art, and design delivered through the formative and ipsative feedback available to students. How do the discipline areas of art and design ensure that students understand and learn from the formative feedback given in relation to project/module learning outcomes?   Using constructive alignment, it examines how this feedback relates to learning outcomes and how examples of good practice can enhance students’ learning experiences.

This project aims to capture and analyse multiple perspectives, based on scholarship of teaching and learning, and use this increased understanding to develop professional development materials for staff and students in art and design.

To answer the questionnaire please go to: