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White book: "Design: So what and who cares?" Symposium

Design Council
18 December 2009 00:00

‘Design: So what and who cares? Fostering continuous professional and business development’ is the title of the white book that European Design Training Incubator  (EDTI) Partners will release at the Symposium to be held on 18 December 2009 in London at the Design Council. This publication is specifically dedicated to design-related stakeholders: policy makers in education and training, educational institutions, educators, Continuous Professional Development providers, trainers, design and business support organisations.
During two years EDTI Partners have benchmarked, audited and researched the Continuous Professional Development related to design. The white book gathers major findings and recommendations to stakeholders to foster prosperity in the design sector and in the European economy at large.
EDTI Partners will also present the next stage of development for this collaborative initiative, opening the collaborative network, and providing new tools, material and useful information to be used by those involved in the Continuous Professional Development in the design domains.
Lack of recognition was one of the most commonly voiced concerns raised by designers and design graduates in EDTI’s qualitative surveys. The perceptions design buyers have of design and the designer’s role obviously needs to change. This is the reason why EDTI is striving to build a strong European network to bring designers and business closer together.
The task for the future is to interweave design education and training with the ever-changing dynamic business environment, especially with the needs of the small and medium sized enterprises, which are the backbone of the European economy.


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