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The London Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) 8th International Conference

Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists, London
13 May 2010 09:30 - 14 May 2010 16:30

This year's themes are at the core of the SoTL community's reflections on its purpose and progress.  They are:

Disciplines, Pedagogies and Cultures for SoTL.

Keynote Speakers

  • Dan Bernstein (University of Kansas, US)
  • Anthony A. Ciccone (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, US);
  • Sue Clegg (Leeds Metropolitan University, UK);
  • Brian Coppola (University of Michigan, US);
  • Glynis Cousin (University of Wolverhampton, UK);
  • Mick Healey (University of Gloucestershire, UK);
  • Mary Huber (Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, US);
  • Carolin Kreber (University of Edinburgh, UK);
  • Rowena Murray (University of Strathclyde, UK);
  • Lin Norton (Liverpool Hope University, UK) ;
  • Jan Parker (Open University, UK),
  • Ross Peterson-Veatch (Goshen College, US);
  • Aaron Porter (Vice President of National Union of Students, UK);
  • Stephen Rowland (University College London, UK);
  • Torgny Roxå  (Lund University, SW) 


This year’s themes are at the core of the SoTL community’s reflections on its purpose and progress. The issues they raised have gradually emerged as problematic, and therefore worthy of debate and enquiry, in recent years across the sector. Expanding the notion of SoTL beyond the confines of the classroom and across the boundaries of the discipline has brought to the fore the following questions:

  • Are SoTL methodologies theoretically informed and how?
  • Is theory a meaningful area of concern for SoTL?
  • Is disciplinarity a stumbling block for SoTL?
  • What are the challenges of interdisciplinarity for SoTL?
  • Can SoTL travel beyond English-speaking countries and how?
  • Does SoTL effectively inform new pedagogies and how?
  • Do HE institutions value SoTL and how?
  • Do ‘quality conceptions’ of SoTL and the concern for ‘scientific’ rigour and measurability restrict the SoTL span?
  • Is SoTL an effective instrument to improve student learning?
  • Do SoTL activities develop critical learning in faculty and students?
  • What are the most appropriate pedagogies for criticality?
  • What are the characteristics of a SoTL culture?
  • How do departmental and institutional cultures impact on SoTL?
  • What are the main benefits for students of SoTL approaches to practice?
  • What is the impact of macro-policies (e.g. Bologna, Accreditation in the USA)
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