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Technology for learning - 5 x half day workshops.

CLTAD, University of the Arts, London
23 April 2008 00:00

Short course: Technology for learning - 5 x half day workshops. 

First meeting 23 April 2008

Technology for learning

This course is designed to provide the opportunity for you to explore, apply and evaluate technologies that aid and support learning; extend your theoretical understanding of how this fits within a pedagogical framework.  Participants will take part in individual projects and group work as well as presentations.

The following 5 sessions will be delivered with access to appropriate resources:

  1.  Technology as a tool for learning
  2. Designing a learning experience using technology (collaborative learning groups)
  3. Integrating social technologies  into learning
  4. Using the virtual world in learning
  5. Groups presentations: evaluating the learning experience

Cost £250

Contact Name:
Nseya Wa-Kabeya
Contact Email:

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