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Student Voice conference

University of East London, Docklands Campus
22 April 2009 09:30-16:30

The ‘Student Voice’ agenda provides students and young people the opportunity to have a say in their world, to contribute to their community, and to better inform decisions that are made on their behalf. Students will ‘become more active participants in their education, including the evaluation of their own learning’ and this will impact positively on standards, behaviour and inclusion’ (DfES, 2003: ii, 3).

The conference will bring together practitioners, academics and policy makers from all parts of the UK involved in the sector. There will also be the opportunity to pose critical questions regarding the learner voice in education. The innovative conference programme includes keynote speakers, latest award winning research on learner voice, a panel discussion session, choice of workshops, plus presentations from learners.

Who should attend?

  • Teachers & Lecturers
  • Aimhigher staff
  • Access practitioners
  • Funding & Research Councils
  • LEA staff
  • Policy makers
  • WP practitioners
  • Researchers
  • School liaison officers



  • Wes Streeting, NUS National President
  • Mick Waters, Director of Curriculum Qualifications and Curriculum Authority
  • Michael Fielding, Professor of Education at Institute of Education - University of London
  • Kathy Wright, University of East London
  • Pippa Lord, National Foundation for Educational Research
  • Gillian Mullis, Student Voice Co-ordinator - Specialist Schools and Academies Trust
Contact Telephone:
020 8223 2828
Contact Email:

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