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Stacking the odds in favour of student persistence - the STAR project

Woburn House, London
5 November 2008 10:00-16:00

Students leave university early for a variety of reasons many of which are understandable and justified. Institutions, however, have a responsibility to recruit sensibly and to deliver a quality learning experience for the students they recruit. That responsibility covers all interaction between institutions and students, including the provision of accurate information to applicants, meeting student expectations about both their course and their living environment and providing adequate student support facilities.

Aims and outcomes of the workshop

The workshop aims include:

  • To promote the understanding of the issues related to student attrition; and
  • To encourage participants to identify practices which will promote student persistence.

Participants will have:

  • Discussed the relevance of factors associated with early leaving to their own area of work; and
  • Identified and discussed areas of practice associated with student persistence that they do well and shared experiences of areas in which they might improve.

The workshop will include a general introduction, outlining the key issues in the retention of students. We will then discuss with participants the use of the STAR (Student Transition and Retention) audit that has been designed both to identify good practice and to promote change.

Tony Cook and Brian Rushton

Both Tony Cook and Brian Rushton work at the University of Ulster in Coleraine. Tony has been the director of the STAR project since its inception in 2003. Originally working in areas of behavioural ecology he was seconded to work in educational development in the 1990s. Brian is also a member of the STAR team with special interests in students with special needs and
international students. He has published widely in the areas of pedagogy and botany. The first book from the STAR project was How to Get Your Kids Through University.

The workshop will take place on Wednesday 5th November 2008 at Woburn House in London from 10.00am to 4.00pm. The cost will be £85.00 and will include a copy of SEDA Paper 121,Student Transition: Practices and Policies to Promote Retention and lunch.

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020 7380 6767
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