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The roles of CHAIR and REPORTER at Vital SPACE

If you would like to be considered for the role of either Chair or Reporter, please indicate this when you register for a place at Vital SPACE.

The CHAIR’s role is to manage the debate and he or she will have some important skills:

  • be able to lead the discussion
  • be able summarise key issues from the discussion
  • exercise firmness and keep the group ‘on track’ and on time
  •  be able to herd cats


The REPORTERs have two key roles:

  • to transform the debates in the group sessions in Vital Space into manageable and intelligible chunks directly into the online discussion forum.
  • to help the chair feedback to the group on their discussion and review the debate.


Neither CHAIRS nor REPORTERS are expected to 'retire' from the debate, they are part of the discussion group with a specialist role.


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