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iPED 2009 "Researching Beyond Boundaries: Academic Communities without borders"

Coventry University, UK
14 September 2009 00:00 - 15 September 2009 00:00

iPED 2009, hosted by the iPED Research Network, offers delegates the opportunity to explore the myriad of ways in which they, their colleagues, institutions and students negotiate boundaries and borders of the learning environment.  How do technology, policy, discipline and culture create real or perceived boundaries in higher education?  How do you overcome these boundaries and collaborate across borders?  iPED is an inclusive conference which encourages new researchers to meet and debate with more established colleagues, while ensuring the quality of contributions through a process of peer review and feedback to authors.

Keynotes include student perspectives alongside:

  • Dr Etienne Wenger, independent consultant, USA
  • Professor Maggi Savin-Baden, Coventry University, UK
  • Professor David Young, UK

together with special session presenters from the UK Student Learning and Teaching Network, and the Welsh Foundation Research Network.


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024 7679 2305
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