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Improving student learning and experience through changing assessment environments at programme level: a practical guide

Woburn House, London
27 October 2010 10:00-16:00

This workshop will enable participants to use a methodology for improving assessment at programme level that is proving highly effective in a number of universities. It will provide:

  • a discussion of the assessment problems the methodology addresses
  • a brief summary of the conceptual and empirical basis of the methodology
  • copies of the research tools involved and a briefing on their use and interpretation
  • case study data from several degree programmes for participants to practice interpretation
  • examples of patterns of assessment, their consequences for student learning and responses and interpretations of the links between the patterns and the learning responses
  • examples of the practical steps programme teams are taking to change assessment to address the issues identified through this methodology
  • examples of changes in quality assurance at institutional level necessary to allow and lever appropriate changes in assessment.

Up to five participants who subsequently wish to employ the methodology in their own institutions will be offered one day of one-to-one consultancy support, in their own institution, from Graham Gibbs, at no cost to the participant, funded by TESTA, the NTFS-funded project that is implementing this methodology across four universities.

Workshop facilitator

Graham Gibbs is retired and is currently an Honorary Professor at the University of Winchester, working on the TESTA project: Transforming the Experience of Students Through Assessment. He was previously Professor and Director of the Oxford Learning Institute at the University of Oxford, and Professor and head of teaching development units at Oxford Brookes University and the Open University. He is the founder of the Improving Student Learning Symposium and the International Consortium for Educational Development in Higher Education. His recent research and development work has focussed on evidence- and theory-based changes to assessment environments.

The fee is £85 per person (to include a manual, refreshments and lunch). Places are limited and so early registration is recommended.



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