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Enhancing the experience of international students

SEDA, Woburn House, 20 – 24 Tavistock Square, London WC1H 9HF
5 February 2009 10:00-16:00


In the current context of internationalisation of UK higher education, there is much interest in enhancing the experience of students and in adapting learning and teaching practice to address the impact of internationalisation on staff and students.  Using the results of a two-year project involving colleagues and students in China and the UK, this workshop will focus on the nature of the international student experience, particularly Asian students, and the ways to help students cope with and excel at their studies in the UK.  The workshop is based on SEDA Special Paper 23 and led by Monika Foster, the editor and co-author of that publication.

Aims and outcomes of the workshop

The workshop will adopt an interactive approach which will draw on the experience of the participants, together with sharing the research results and scholarship of the workshop leader.  This will provide the opportunity to:

  • explore the principal factors involved in the international student experience in the UK
  • consider the implications for students and staff
  • encourage participants to identify practices which will help students and staff adapt to the new context.

Participants will:

  • discuss the relevance of the findings from the research to their own area of work
  • identify and discuss areas of practice which can enhance the student experience

The workshop will include a general introduction, outlining key issues and findings from the innovative research project.  Recommendations from Chinese and British colleagues, who were involved in the project, will be explored as well as participants' own experience.

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