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Creativity: Innovation and Industry

The City Rooms, Leicester
6 December 2007 00:00

Aimed at business within the East Midlands, they will be looking at ways in which new technologies and new ways of thinking can be used to stimulate successful business innovation. The day will feature four noted speakers from both academia and industry, who between them will start from the question of ‘what is creativity’ and progress towards ways in which creativity can be encouraged and managed within businesses. 
Alongside these speaker sessions they will be running a number of practical workshop sessions that will cover topics including Web 2.0 for business, tools for working collaboratively, and techniques for improving creativity. These have been designed to be hands-on, interactive, and engaging.
Benefits for participants

  • Increase your creative capacity
  • Learn from others’ experiences
  • Find out ways of managing creative teams
  • Explore the essence of creativity
  • Network with other businesses
  • Build links with cutting edge research

This is a day for anybody interested in learning more about creativity, and how embracing creativity can help make their business more successful.

This one day conference will look at how new technologies and new ways of thinking can be applied to successful business innovation. There are four main themes:

  • What is creativity?
  • How can we be more creative?
  • How does innovation happen?
  • How is creativity managed successfully in business?

To help explore and answer these questions will be thoughts, experiences, and insights from four distinguished speakers:

  • Prof. Margaret Boden - What is creativity?
  • Dr Claudia Eckert - How can we be more creative?
  • Frank Boyd - How does innovation happen?
  • Toby Moores - How is creativity managed successfully in business?

A simultaneous strand of workshops will be on offer, designed to promote discussion and explore the issues in a hands-on way, allowing you to switch between presentations and workshops.
Workshop 1. Enhancing Creativity: a creativity assistant

Workshop 2. Creative Collaboration: face to face

Workshop 3. Speaking the language of creativity

Workshop 4. Creative techniques
The activity is not limited to this one day. In the run up to the event conversations will exist, ideas circulated, and concepts explored through on-line communication which will help to mould and shape the events that take place. The outcome will be documented and used to help further understanding in the area of creativity so that more can be done to find ways of helping and harnessing it.
Creativity: Innovation and Industry is organised jointly by the Creativity East Midlands project (CREEM) and the East Midlands New Technology Initiative  (NTI) Creative Industries Centre for Knowledge Exchange.

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Thom Corah
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0116 250 6382
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