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Engaging with Student Expectations

Royal National Hotel, London
8 May 2008 00:00 - 9 May 2008 00:00

This year the conference will explore staff and educational development through themes linked to engaging with student expectations. What are our students’ expectations on joining our universities and colleges and how does this impact upon the kind of education offered to them and the work we are involved in? To what extent should we be involved in influencing expectations to fit our models of learning and teaching or should we be aiming to be more responsive to learner needs and views?

As staff and educational developers, we aim to aid people in understanding the student experience of learning but given the diverse nature of further and higher education, the growing numbers and the complexities of our provision, can we even begin to understand student perspectives? What has been the impact of the National Student Survey or of league tables on your institution and how does your university or college know what students are expecting of the learning and teaching environment? What has changed in your work as a result of responding more actively to students?

This conference aims to explore and debate the issues around engaging with student expectations. In doing so it will touch upon some key topics in staff and educational development and learning and teaching with regard to what, when and how students learn, the role of teachers in shaping and responding to student expectations and the role of students in helping us to understand the processes involved in learning. It also allows exploration of  the impact of fees on the relationship of students to their studies and to those who teach them. In keeping with the theme, the conference committee particularly encourages contributions which will include substantial input from students themselves.

Conference Themes:

The conference will seek to address the following themes:

  • Student centred learning
  • Involving students in academic professional development
  • Collecting and responding to student views
  • Seeing teaching through the learners' eyes
  • Consumerism and learning

The programme and abstracts of each session can be found on:

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