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Developing Innovative Visual Resources for Students Everywhere

1 July 2008 00:00 - 3 July 2008 00:00

DIVERSE is the leading conference regarding all aspects of video and videoconferencing in education: teaching, research, management etc. This includes the convergence of these technologies with online technologies; the emergence of new possibilities such as “presence production” for learning, interactive television, virtual reality and computer games techniques, and handheld access to moving images.
DIVERSE is intended for anyone interested in embedding video and video communication (conferencing) technologies within educational practice: teachers, technical support staff, researchers, staff and educational developers and project managers.
DIVERSE provides excellent opportunities for formal and informal networking with experts in the field from all over the globe. The conference will be both a showcase and a critical forum on all aspects of video in education through plenary and themed sessions.
Track 1: Pedagogy and assessment 

  • Pedagogical theory about the use of video in teaching and learning
  • Evaluation of teaching effectiveness using video in teaching and learning
  • Digital course content and course (re)design
  • Learning through production
  • NETgen learning: how young people learn using social software and other emerging technologies
  • Engaging and supporting learners by using visual media and videoconferencing

Track 2: Tools and content oriented applications

  • Emerging technologies and their impact on teaching and learning
  • Collaboration and interaction: peer production and community-based learning
  • Virtual worlds and gaming in teaching and learning
  • Multimedia/Hypermedia applications in teaching and learning
  • Repositories: audiovisual archiving, metadata standardisation and retrieval

 Track 3: Projects and cases: implementation and sustainability

  • Best practices for teaching and learning with digital content
  • Video in learning management systems and E-portfolios
  • Videoconferencing, Voice over IP, and collaborative thinking applications
  • Next-generation infrastructure and security management
  • Video content development
  • Reducing costs by using video and video conferencing
  • International collaboration in the field of visual media and videoconferencing

Track 4: People and technology: societal aspects

  • Communication technology for sustainable development (language and culture)
  • Accessibility issues in the use of physical and/or digital space
  • Intellectual property rights and open access
  • Cultural attitudes and technology acceptance
  • Media literacy

Please contact the conference organisers in case you have any questions regarding the conference or wish to make a late submission of a paper.

The conference committee looks forward to meeting you in Haarlem in July.

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