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BUFVC learning on screen conference

British Library Conference Centre
2 April 2007 09:00-17:00

copyright exceptions post Gowers and Taking Down Television

Nearly 20 years after the last major revision of UK copyright law, there are significant changes recommended by the recent Gowers Review which may be implemented by autumn 2008. One aim of the review was to “improve the balance and flexibility of intellectual property rights to allow individuals, businesses and institutions to use content in ways consistent with the digital age”.  This one-day meeting, organised by the BUFVC, will engage with two related themes.

Firstly it will explore the views of commentators who have been involved in the recent Gowers Review consultation* as librarians, archivists and service providers.  Some of the Gowers recommendations will have an influence on access to, use and preservation of moving image, sound and related media. These media may now be drawn into established ‘fair dealing’ exceptions, so putting time-based media alongside text and artistic works in this part of the legislation, which will be a significant shift.  Another recommendation proposes that legislation be varied to allow formerly broadcast content, acquired under copyright exception or licence, to be delivered for study at a distance using secure authenticated access via VLEs. 

Secondly, the conference will focus specifically on access to and re-use of broadcast content and will offer an opportunity to see demonstrations of systems and services which are being deployed to support further use of broadcasts, moving image and sound in learning, teaching and research under new licence arrangements.

The meeting will be of interest to librarians, information services managers, media services managers, e-learning specialists, archivists and curators.

* See for the Gowers Review website and for PDF copies of all institutional responses to the Gowers Review
for changes in US copyright law relating to ‘fair use’ are brought about see

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Nancy Prall
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020 7393 1512
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