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John Piper

John Piper originally trained as a designer. After following a career in film and TV he joined Kodak European Research in 1995 as a creative amongst the technologists. His Kodak career has ranged from ‘blue sky’ concept development for advanced digital systems, to colour trend forecasting for consumer product. Today his main work at the new European Research Labs in Cambridge centres on user behaviour and experience. This work informs the direction of technologies within the area of digital photographic systems.

For discussion

"Relationships of mobile technology and social networking’

The recent explosion of social networking, blogging and video-sharing websites are reporting phenomenal amount and increase of user traffic, with the YouTube video sharing site having more than 25m visitors each month and rising.  YouTube which was launched in Feb 05 and acquired by Google in Oct 05 for a $1.65billion stock deal.

O2 the European mobile phone network provider recently reported that web bloggs had increased from zero in 2003 to 34.5million bloggs every six months in 2006 and that content within these bloggs are increasing generated on mobile phones in the form of video and still images. They also report 68 million mobile phones in the UK are in use, 2 billion people will have a GSM phone by the end of 2006 and all phones will have internet by 2010.

Mobile phone and Social networks
Mobile phone uptake amongst teenagers has also seen a massive rises. Profits at mobile phone maker Sony Ericsson more than doubled in the last quarter of 2006, rising to €502 million from €206 million in the same period in 2005. The Swedish-Japanese company sold 26 million mobile phones during the period, compared with 16.1 million the previous year. Sales rose from €2.31 billion to €3.782 billion. Growth was strong in Europe and Latin America.

Mobile phone uptake amongst teenage groups is so great that ASH (Action on smoking and health) believe that a rise in teenage uptake of mobile phones in the UK has seen a decline in teenage smoking.

Mobile phones will play an increasing important role in this phenomenon of social networking. Chris DeWolfe the founder of MySpace recently reported that the use of mobile phones for social networking is going to be a big trend. Mobile phones and the new breed of multi-media devices are playing a more and more important role the creation of ‘content’ for this type of activity amongst teen groups.

Although the predominant groups for the uptake and use of these new communications technologies are the teenage and young adult sectors, the use of these technologies are still banned in most schools and museums.

Would the integration of the ‘mobile phone’ (personal portable multi-media device) into educational practice enhance learning?

Can the phenomenon of social networking, blogging and personal movie creation advantage teaching practice?

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