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Assessment: lightening the load while increasing the learning

10 October 2007 00:05 - 19 November 2007 00:05

It is the intention of this course that by the end of the four weeks you will see how you could redesign courses that you are responsible for in ways that reduce the assessment marking load for you while at the same time increasing the quality of the student experience and their learning. Over the four weeks you will be able to relate implications of the research literature into student learning and assessment to the design of your course, and to consider what changes you may need to make to ‘get the basics right’ and give yourself a firm foundation for innovation.

Case studies will be provided from a range of disciplines, demonstrating assessment strategies which have been shown to reduce staff workload while increasing student learning and the quality of their work. You will be encouraged to consider how you might utilise these strategies in your courses. Over the four weeks you will be supported by weekly scheduled activities, selected key readings, specially developed resources and group tutorials. This course is highly participative and there will be frequent opportunities for you to share and receive feedback on your plans to redesign courses and their assessment strategies.

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