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Arts Research: The State of Play

Project Arts Centre, Temple Bar, Dublin, Ireland
8 May 2008 00:00 - 9 May 2008 00:00

What is the conference for?

The basic task of the conference is to map the state of the field of contemporary research across the creative arts internationally with particular reference to the European research space.

The format of the conference will be to root discussion in specific case-studies drawn from across the creative disciplines.

The conference will thus seek to address a broad range of issues relevant to current researchers, doctoral supervisors, academic and institutional leaders, research funders and policy-makers.

The conference will be an opportunity to profile the work of the Working Group on Practice-Based Research and the preliminary outcomes of their work to date.

The conference will also mark the international launch of the Graduate School of Creative Arts and Media. This is a unique initiative to establish an all-island interdisciplinary doctoral programme across a range of practices including visual and performing arts, design and creative pedagogy.

What are the desired outcomes?

  • To establish a common framework of dialogue among stakeholders whereby the mapping of practice-based research / practice-led research / artisticresearch may progress - not only at the level of first principles and epistemological discourse but, most importantly, at the level of concrete examples and case-studies drawn from a range of current practices.
  • To consolidate existing national and international networks of research exchange and interaction across the creative arts.
  • To profile the diversity, richness and vibrancy of arts research.
  • To provide decision-makers, practitioners and other stake-holders with access to a body of knowledge, information and experience.
  • To foster an emergent framework of cross-disciplinary dialogue and interdisciplinary practice.

Who should participate?

  • Practitioners, researchers, commissioners, funders and policy-makers across the creative arts.
  • Educators, doctoral supervisors, and academic leaders across the spectrum of creative arts and cognate disciplines.
  • Research funders and research development leaders

Who are the speakers?

The full programme is online at

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