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Equal Opportunities and Communication Rights

Residence Palace, Brussels, Belgium
11 October 2007 09:00 - 12 October 2007 17:00

Representation, Participation & the European Democratic Deficit

ECREA- Symposium
With the support of the European Journalism Centre and Vesalius College

This Symposium aims to assess the roles of media and communication in fostering equal opportunities, civic participation and diversity in Europe, as well as its potentials for addressing the European democratic deficit, particularily the perceived disconnection between the economic and political elites and large parts of EU citizens. In this Symposium we aim to critically discuss and interrogate the role of media and communication relating to issues of equality, diversity, civic participation and democracy beyond the nation state, on the basis of theoretical and/or empirical research. Media and communication can be seen to fulfill different roles in this regard; as a medium (information provision), as a mediator (deliberative processes, activism), as a political actor (the media and media-professionals), as a citizenship right (communication rights), as a tool for or indicator of enhancing equal opportunities, but also as a battlefield for meaning on what it entails to be a European citizen or what Europe means.

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