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2012 Imperative Teach-In

V&A Lecture Theatre, London
12 October 2009 00:00

This event aims to raise the profile of ecological literacy within design education and create a catalyst for action by engaging students in a trans-disciplinary event focusing on ecology and design.  Presentations by scientists, researchers and designers with ecologically informed practice will focus on climate change, resource depletion and other environmental challenges relevant to design education.  We will explore the scope for systemic change within the design industry, design education and within universities.  The teach-in itself will be broadcast live on the Internet to groups of students at institutions around the world.  The following day each participating institution is invited to turn its attention to the issue based on a plan published on the Teach-in website.  Faculty, students and staff can use this space to focus on how design education can address systemic environmental issues.  

The organisers invite you to sign up on the site for collaboration: < .  If you would like to attend the Teach-in at the V&A you can now buy your tickets via the following link:  or sign up to participate in a live screening of the Teach-in at the University of Brighton.  The Teach-in is produced by Brighton PhD candidate Jody Boehnert’s EcoLabs, and part-funded by the CETLD.  The 2012 Imperative will be an on-going project aiming to embed ecological and sustainability literacy in design education by 2012.


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